I want to add all of this to my personal, my own bibliography. Lists and lists of impressions, something close to an imprint. Eliasson, remnants of the Jenny Holzer exhibition. Windows that are way taller than me, The Shard just opposite of where I lay my head. Staring at the ceiling, a lot of concrete, I am indeed freezing.
Keep going, there's a view to be enjoyed upstairs. I can't tell anyone how mad I am at the Tories whenever I am here. I can't tell anyone how welcome and unwelcome they can make you feel at the same time. Do I mind? It seems to me that I still don't. Don't let them win.

"Be happy when then sun shines
but when it’s too bright, don’t close your eyes."
(Working Men's Club - Bad Blood)

They still have an ear for those tiny bits and pieces that reveal time lived in a certain city. Time travels fast. Meanwhile I can't help but think take me to a nice place. This is a nice place, too.

"In my relentless state of charm."
(The Murder Capital - Don't Cling To Life)